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Jardi Natura is a company of public and civil works and environmental restoration founded in 1996 and has its headquarters in Lleida, in Partida Vallcalent, 25 and an office in Tortosa, in the Baix Ebre Polygon, plot 161. 

Jardi Natura is formed by a team of professionals with experience in landscape restoration techniques, hydraulic engineering and maintenance solutions. We give a complete service to our clients on issues of stabilization and protection of slopes, hydroseeding, comprehensive gardening, garden maintenance services, design and assembly of furniture, and automated irrigation systems and sound barriers. 

The continued evolution and improvement of our company has made that today we do civil works, and for several years, contributing to improve streets, squares, recreational areas or rural roads of our country. 

The incorporation of innovative human and technical resources has enabled Jardi Natura to face and manage the environmental problems generated by the civil works and road infrastructure. We are formed by a professional team of 40 people who are joining our efforts. Our desire is to offer the latest in our expertise of environmental restoration. We remain at your disposal for any clarification or assistance you may need, provide the customer with materials, information on field work, technical expertise in environmental restoration, etc. We feel, love and build nature.


The company values, shared and chosen by all workers, should guide the actions of people Jardí-Natura:

  • Professional ethics       
  • Teamwork       
  • Personal and social responsibility       
  • Quality commitment to our customers       
  • To bet on new technologies in the areas we develop       
  • To publicize the activities we do       
  • Concern and respect for the environment.
  • To give trustful solutions To promote equal opportunities

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